Exercising the right to object

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, adult,
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through this document I exercise the right to object, in accordance with the provisions of articles 13 of Organic Law 3/2018, of December 5, on Protection of Personal Data and Guarantee of Rights Digital, and 15 of Regulation EU 2016/679, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
In order to define the data or treatment activities I specify the following:

I request the opposition to the treatment of my personal data, taking into account that:
and the processing of them must be limited until I obtain a response to the exercise of this right.
and the treatment of them must be limited pending the verification or response to the exercise of this right.

As a personal situation to oppose the treatment of my personal data I expose the following (*1)

Therefore, I request this application to be treated in the terms set out above, within one month of receiving this application
(*1) . In spite of the fact that It is the responsibility of the controller to prove compelling legitimate reasons that prevail over my interests, rights and freedoms, or a mission carried out in the public interest.

IMPORTANT: For the correct exercise of the right of access, a photocopy of the DNI, or NIE where applicable, of the Data Dubject must be attached to the present application, as long as it is the exercise of a right of personal ownership.

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